Host everyone! ⛩️

New day at work, Yamada-san! 👹 It's time to host all the Jigoku Hostel clients
by taking them to their favorite leisure area. It's important to get
positive reviews if we want to keep the business going! 🥢

• Go up and down the elevator (WS/↑↓) to choose
the correct floor for each guest ♨️

• Open the elevator doors (A D/ ← →) for guests to get off
and new ones to get on. And obviously close them so that
the elevator can go up and down again 🚪

• But watch out! The Jigoku Hostel is an old place
and the lights will go out sometimes 💡

• Remember that you can always take a break and pause
the work (Esc) as long as you don't go over 5 minutes, of course 🕗


Developed in 2 days for the Spooky 2D Jam '23🎃!

The Team:

Adrián Iglesias Adrover · Programmer & VFX ·

Francisco Javier Pascual Vidal · Programmer ·

Sofía González Rodríguez · 2D Art & Graphic Design
@0ff_on_art · ·

Danae Romero Sánchez · 2D Art & Graphic Design
@nae_proyectartist · ·

Iago Valín García · 2D Art & Graphic Design
@shiranui_art · ·

Ales Fernández Cortizo · 2D Art
@aleskael ·


External Assets:

Godot plug in Damped Oscillator - BlueOctopus

JPOP - By Steve Oxen

Tokyo Lo-Fi - By Steve Oxen

Sound Effects -


* Little issue: During gameplay the star interface
does not update based on the score


Download 78 MB


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Me ha gustado mucho vuestro juego! El arte es espectacular y está bien programado, enhorabuena a todos!

Se me ha ocurrido una posible mejora, os la comento por si queréis tenerla en cuenta:

La mecánica de cerrar las puertas está bien para tener el control, pero cuando el ascensor se llena estaría bien que se cerraran ambas puertas automáticamente. Creo que mejoraría la experiencia.

Deleted 141 days ago

Really cool game!


<3 el wi wi

el wiwi <3

Deleted 172 days ago
Deleted 141 days ago

wi <3 wi

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Nice game! I enjoyed playing it.

Check out youtube video about it.

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Thank you for your video, it was a great surprise for us! We are happy that you enjoyed it!  


It was my pleasure to review it! Intentionally or not, but it really gave me vibes of Spirited Away cartoon.